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C.L. Tax & Accounting Service Inc. is an US-owned enterprise established in California. Our Headquarter is in California’s San Francisco Silicon Valley, and we have branches in Nevada's Las Vegas, California’s Los Angeles, New York City, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. C.L. Tax & Accounting Service Inc. has a professional team of experienced American certified public accountants, American IRS Enrolled agents, American financial planner and Chinese Certified Public Accountants, while works closely with a number of law firms and real estate firms.

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Services Provided


Tax Filing-Personal 

Tax Filing, Corporate

Tax Filing,Non-Profit 

Organization Tax Filing

Transnational Tax Filing

Business Tax Filing

Property Tax Filing,Bookkeeping 

Service,Payroll Service,Financial 

Advice,Tax File Number Application


Global Call Forwarding

Trademark Registration

Global Virtual Office

Business License

Global Company Registration

Bank Account Opening


Medical Insurance

Life Insurance

Other Services

US Study, US Travel

US Special Talent Immigrants

US Real Estate Investment

US Investment Immigrants

American Business Visit

Special recommendation

Global call forwarding service

Global Tax File Number Application

Visa service