Notarization Introduction

Notarization is the activity of proving the truthfulness and legality of civil juristic acts, legal facts and documents in accordance with legal procedures. The embassy or Consulate General shall act in accordance with the Notarization Law of the People's Republic of China, an international treaty concluded or acceded to by the People's Republic of China and the relevant regulations of the Ministry of foreign affairs of the People's Republic of China for notarization.

Statement, commission

Marital status, nationality, residence
Survival, fingerprint, name

The seal on the instrument
Signature, date is true

US notarized certification required materials

People applying for notarization shall submit the following materials in accordance
with the requirements of the consular officer

the completed "notarization, certification application form." If the parties can not fill in the application form, consular officers can fill in the form or ask the parties’ signature or thumb means

the original copy of the valid Chinese passport and photocopies of the information sheet of the photo (or the legal person qualification certificate and the identity of the legal representative, the qualification certificate of other organizations and the identity certificate of the person in charge)

the effective legal documents in the United States including a copy and the original (such as green card, work card, I-20 table, etc.)

according to the type of application for notarization, other materials should be submitted (see list)

if do notarial application for others, the parties should also submit a proxy certificate. The agent shall provide proof of its valid identity and the power of attorney issued by the notarized party; the legal representative shall provide proof of his / her identity and the material that can prove his or her relationship with the client (usually the parent and child's kinship)

involving important transfer of property rights, changes and other matters of great interest to the parties, the parties should give the signature or fingerprint on the interview "notes" base on the consular requirements.

Notarization time and cost

2 weeks or so

Processing time

2 weeks or so, expedited 3 days.

For one item $ 200

Handling fees

For one item $ 200, for expedited, $ 50 expedited